First blog post

Today we start a new journey.  First, sell the home we love, quit the jobs we love, and leave a city we love.  Sounds strange we know but we are starting this adventure in a positive place.  Not running from a bad situation.  Leaving a positive place in our lives in order to start in a positive place in the world.

perkins lane
Seattle’s Perkins Lane

This journey begins in 2016 in October after a visit to San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico.  We simply looked at each other and decided to make this our base in the world.

San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

More to come!  From here the blog will take us to through learning Spanish, traveling in Mexico, going “home” and going farther into the world.  Right now we are in Medellin, Colombia continuing to learn Spanish, in school, and exploring the beautiful city of Medellin and country of Colombia.  Thank you to Andrea Morrison for inspiring us to finally start our blog.  Check her out here as she moves her life to Bali!:

5 thoughts on “First blog post

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