A return to Journalism-A Story of Survival.

The phone rings. The shoot is on!  The call is from my good friend and journalist John Larson.  We are about to take off to shoot a story on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.  John is in San Diego and we live in Mexico.  We can meet him on the Baja.  I haven’t shot a story in 23 years.  My last story was with John and it was the Clinton inauguration day storm in Seattle.  The gear is different, the editing is different and the world is different.  

Before I left Seattle I invested in equipment that I could use to gather broadcast quality video.  My Canon 70D is an amazing camera.  I do question my skills or lack of skills.  John and Caroline both encourage me to go for it!  I’ve been practicing knowing this could happen but can I hold up my end? 

The story is incredible if nothing else we go for the experience, learn from the experience.  Grab life, tell a story!

We fly to Tijuana and rent a car to drive the 4+ hour drive across the Baja.  John enters Mexico through Mexicali for his 4+ hour drive south to San Filipe.  John is in his brand new Chevy Bolt, an electric car with 250 miles of range.  His trip is 243 miles one way so he will have to depend on newly installed charging stations in Mexico to ensure arrival and return.  Stressful but the chargers work and it is reported to John that he is the first user of these chargers in Mexico.


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