We have enjoyed San Miguel de Allende for the first seven months of 2016.  Our plan was to spend our time in a few places in the world outside of Mexico and the US.  We decided to move to Medellin for 5 weeks and continue Spanish language classes and explore another Latin American culture.  Here is our home in Medellin for a month!

Photo Jun 22, 3 16 16 PM
Medellin, Colombia

We have explored the neighborhoods including Comuna 13 once considered the most dangerous in the world.  Hip Hop Art is credited with helping transform the community to a more safe place to live and visit.  The spray paint art is beautiful ad unexpected.

The month of July is touched with Feria de las Flores.  A festival of flowers that celebrates the end of slavery in Colombia and Virgin Mary day.  The town is packed with people, music, food and flowers.  The display of Orchids at the botanical garden is word class!

The Arvi Park is both an ecological nature preserve and Pre-Hispanic archeological site in Medellin.  The park is located high above the valley and the city.  You travel by gondola just like a gondola at a ski resort.  The trip takes you over neighborhoods and into the mountains.  Check out the video of our trip down!

Photo Aug 13, 12 04 43 PM

More to come this week from Medellin and then back to San Miguel de Allende!